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Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) stands as a scientifically validated behavioral intervention designed to aid children with autism. This play-based program specifically addresses crucial aspects of a child's development, utilizing play activities initiated by the child as instructional tools. PRT posits that advancements in pivotal developmental areas can yield widespread progress across various domains. The four pivotal areas targeted by PRT include:

  • Motivation - PRT employs toys and activities that captivate and motivate children to reinforce appropriate behaviors. It fosters learning by offering choices, employing prompts, varying tasks, integrating previously acquired skills with new ones, and utilizing reinforcement.

  • Initiations - PRT encourages children to explore their surroundings, reinforcing questioning and object identification.

  • Self-management - PRT instructs individuals to enhance their independence and self-regulate their behaviors.

  • Responding to Multiple Cues - PRT trains children to respond to various behavioral cues in real-life situations, such as "give me," "can I have," and "let me have."

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JBC's PRT autism services employ positive reinforcement to address these pivotal areas based on each child's unique needs. Through play-based autism therapy and other strategies, we target the promotion of healthy social skill development.
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