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Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

Regrettably, there is often confusion between ABA and DTT. Many individuals associate ABA with DTT, using the terms interchangeably, despite their distinct differences. DTT is just one of the interventions employed within the broader framework of ABA when working with children. The confusion may arise because DTT was among the earliest interventions used with children.

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a methodical ABA strategy that deconstructs skills into small, distinct components. In contrast to teaching all steps simultaneously, trainers systematically teach each step one by one, employing tangible reinforcements to encourage appropriate behavior.

ABA encompasses a wide array of scientifically based interventions, ranging from play-based techniques to mass-trial tabletop techniques. All interventions falling under the ABA umbrella undergo extensive research and have robust empirical support. When crafting an ABA program, individual needs are carefully considered before determining the specific strategies to be employed for intervention.

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