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Adult Consultation Services

JBC provides adult behavior consultation services to families and other social services agencies in need of behavior support. The agencies include but are not limited to: Day programs, Supported Living Programs, group homes, residential facilities, EBSH homes, crisis homes, etc. Behavior services for adults can be quite different from autism services for children. Adult services are unique to each individual circumstance. JBC’s consultation model is a “train the trainer model”. That is, using positive behavior supports, we train the caregiver or staff member working closely with the individual to decrease maladaptive behaviors while increasing socially appropriate replacement behaviors. First, we conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA) which includes a trauma assessment to determine the individual’s unique behavioral and/or developmental need. We also create a positive behavior support plan to assist the individual with behavior challenges and skill deficits. Once this process is complete, we provide extensive training to support staff.

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The FBA & Positive Behavior Support Plan Includes

  • A comprehensive background synopsis

  • An informed trauma history report

  • A list of behaviors with operational definitions

  • An indirect assessment to determine hypothesized function of behavior

  • A functional analysis to determine actual function of behavior (if applicable)

  • A list of possible antecedents (triggers) that contribute to maladaptive behaviors

  • Maintaining consequences that may keep the behavior going

  • Antecedent strategies that help reduce the likelihood of behavior occurring

  • Consequence (reinforcement) strategies increase future appropriate behaviors

  • A list of replacement behaviors to be taught to the individual

  • A list of goals that the individual will be taught

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